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Dr. Gramzow is the Best!

I can sincerely say that Dr. Amy Gramzow fixed my back - AND my ankle - more than I ever expected, and helped my body heal so that I could walk, run and exercise again. She is truly a talented and gifted chiropractor, passionate about helping every single one of her patients, and I would absolutely recommend her to everyone I know. Initially I couldn't even sit without pain, and my lower back became so awful I could barely work. Within 2 weeks after visiting Dr. Gramzow I was 75% better. I was beyond grateful and since then she has now kept me pain-free and healthy. A year or so later I actually sprained my ankle as well, to the point the doctor wanted me in a boot cast for 3 weeks. I didn't even realized that chiropractors could adjust extremities but after Dr. Gramzow examined and adjusted it I was out of the next day. While it was still a slow recovery due to the severity of my 3 sprains, I have no doubt that her continued adjustments accelerated my healing significantly, I have dealt with other chiropractors in the past that left me a bit skeptical; however, Dr. Gramzow has more than restored my faith of chiropractic. As any patient will tell you - she is truly the best!

- Annie S.

In A League of Her Own - Five Star

My family had been to several chiropractors with mixed results before meeting Dr. Gramzow. She really listened to our concerns and tailored our visits accordingly. It is Wellness Center in the truest sense and we can feel the difference in our health after each visit. I was dealing with back pain as a result of a car accident several years ago, my son had pretty server asthma, and my daughter was catching every cold that went around classroom. I am now pain-free and my kids are the happiest and healthiest they've been in their life. They love Dr. Amy and I love knowing we are in the hands of such a smart, talented, caring doctor.

- Meghan F.

Highly Recommended!!!

Dr. Amy Gramzow is fabulous doctor who is very compassionate and understanding. She is very explained the benefits of each adjustments and the preventive aspect/benefits of chiropractic as well. She is one of the few doctors left in today's busy world that does not rush you in and out of their office. She takes the time to listen explain and answer any question you may have.

- April H.

Awesome Doctor

I have been a patient of Dr. Amy Gramzow's for years. I was skeptical at first, but seeing that I could not get relief from back and neck pain from my primary care physician, I decided to give it a try. Within a few weeks I was feeling significantly better! I was slo able to stop taking prescribed drugs for my pain. Dr. Gramzow is not only excellent at what she does; she is also very compassionate and caring. She is always willing to take the extra time to talk with you and be sure that you are feeling better both mentally and physically before you leave. Her patients well being is the utmost of importance to her. It makes me feel special to have her as my doctor. I have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to do so!

- Jennifer V.


Dr. Gramzow takes care of the whole person, not just an injury. She thoroughly understands how the body works and is able to make adjustments so your body works better, heals faster and stays healthy. She really listens and has such a kind, knowledgeable way about her. She is the best!!! Go see her!

- Katie U.

You Won't Be Disappointed

With a career in medicine, I have been exposed to a broad spectrum of healthcare professionals first hand. I have formed opinions of the expert's abilities based on my own personal experience and the views of co-workers and patients. This is my most honest perspective of dr. Amy Gramzow: In all of my years of ecperience, I have NEVER recommended anyone so highly, so confidently, and so profusely. My admiration of her skill and knowledge is so extreme that i have actually offered to be a walking billboard for her and her practice. I have seen the results of friends, family and other patients of Dr. Amy's and they are astonishing. In my book, I give her two big thumbs UP and I guarantee that you will do the same! Make your appointment today-- you won't be disapponted!

- Tehra V.